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About Us

Manufacturers of aluminium ventilation & Sun control Louvre systems.


We meet exceed our clients' expectations through continuous quality improvement.


We take accountability and responsibility for all our words and actions.


SJCordell will be strengthened further by scalable learning and innovations.

About Us

SJCordell P/L manufacturers of aluminium ventilation & Sun control Louvre systems.

SJCordell started in 1998 manufacturing weather louvres taking over the profiles from Cameron & Jason Louvre Systems who ceased business in 1997.

Managers Stephen & Ray Cordell have over 50 years combined experience in the aluminium louvre industry.

We can assist architects, designers & builders with their projects.

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  • Manufacturing weather louvres from 1998

  •  50 years combined experience

Weather Louvres

The weather Louvres are specially designed to match the exteriors of the buildings. These are available in Aluminium construction for industrial purposes or in sleek looking extruded aluminium construction to suit the modern architecture. The blades are contoured at a specified angle to minimize water ingress.

Louvres Doors

SJCordell have developed a Louvre Door system with Heavy Duty quality frame system with a selection of blade types from Z35/45, Z45 & V35, we also have slimline systems accommodating our Z50 & Z15 Systems.

Sun Louvres

SJ Cordell have a variety of Sun Louvre Systems that can be applied to client’s requirements, such as our registered design SL Series as well as Standard Ellipsoid Sun Louvres with addition of Facia’s of various size to give that extra touch of a quality product.

Privacy Screens& Fence Screens

SJ Cordell have a variety of Privacy Screen Systems from our registered design SL Series to a Batten and Ellipsoid products as well as perforated Screens to suit client’s requirements.

Plantation Screens

SJ Cordell 80 Ellipsoid is designed with Rebated Frames for strength and can be used as a fixed blade or adjustable system, Frames can be in fixed position, sliding or BI Fold.

Perforated Mesh

SJ Cordell required our own in house Turret Punch machine in 2012 giving us the advantage of producing products quickly for our clients with a variety of Profiles from our Standard Perforations to custom design as well as Image Perforation used for so many applications from Screens Systems, Decorative Screens.

Clip Feature Battens Systems

SJ Cordell have a Clip Batten Systems with versatility of sizes to suit clients applications, Battens can be clipped to suit size with ends being tapered or square edge.

Battens Screens